For the sheer fact that I label myself a multi-artist means that I am always working on multiple projects and dividing my time between many projects I’m passionate about.  More and more people are finding that they want to explore all of their passions and no longer be limited to doing just one thing and why should you?  We are filled with many desires and passions and we should live fully, but we all know that finding that balance can be difficult and then you have to add in family, friends, personal time, kids and everything else that comes with living life.  Every day I am working on becoming better at this balance and truthfully sometimes I get it right and sometimes I fail at it, but isn’t that also part of the process?  We figure it out, life changes, we take on too much, we evolve, we change our minds, our needs change and so on and so on.  However, I want us all to succeed in this life and I want us to all find a way to be as productive as we can be and figure out a way to complete all of your creative and passionate ideas.  Here are 6 ways to implement more balance into your multi-passionate life and maximize focus to be more productive. 

  1.  NO IS YOUR FRIEND.  We all struggle with taking on too much but saying “no” does not mean no forever, it just means no for right now.   As one woman told me, “no is a complete sentence.”  Yes, I love that!  We can do a lot, but there are some things in our life that we should have said no too and still need too.  If what you are being asked to do does not contribute to your bigger goal that you are working on and will take more time and energy away from what you are working to complete then you probably need to say “no.”  Again, it is not a no forever, but when you say yes you are telling yourself that it is ok to take time away from these other projects, family outings, personal time and the other many things you already have on your plate.  Take a good hard look and ask yourself; if you agree to do whatever is being asked of you, will you be ok with it taking time away from other commitments and deadlines?  If the answer is “No” then you know what to say.
  • USE THE NIGHT BEFORE TO SET UP TOMORROW.  I have found that right before I lay down to go to sleep, when the house is quiet, is the perfect time to write your Get It Done list for the next day.  I have found that instead of waking up and trying to figure out what you will do for the day you can jump in to being productive because you already know what you’re working on.  An extra bonus: You will have a restful night’s sleep because you have written down and released those thoughts running around in your head and you can wake up with purpose to get started on getting it all done. 
  • TIME BLOCK.  Break your days and weeks into time blocks.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with time blocking but it is even more essential when you are a multi-passionate.  Block your day out in chunks of time where you can commit uninterrupted time to that specific task.  We all want to multi-task but we get less accomplished when our brains are scattered trying to work on multiple things within the same time frame.  You know, we sit down to write and then get distracted by emails, phone calls, social media, a new idea pops in our head, we want to look at new recipe on Pinterest…you get the idea.  We call it multi-tasking but actually what we are doing is getting less done and not giving each project the undivided attention it needs and requires.  I like to set the timer on my phone, turn off my ringer and then put my phone away from me. (If you know you will be super tempted put it in another room) That way I am completely committed to doing what my intention is for that time.  I usually do not set my timer for longer than 90 minutes so I can take time to rejuvenate in between sessions.  I also block in time for me to just take a walk, meditate or whatever I want or need to do to take care of me.  The last point I will say on time blocking is do not fill your calendar with back to back blocks of time.  Leave room for the unexpected to happen after all we are creatives and there is beauty in the stillness of free time.
  •  YOU CAN’T DO EVERYTHING.  Listen, I know you are all superheroes and want to do it all but the reality is you can’t.  At least, not all at the same time.  Give yourself some grace to know that while one or two or three balls may be juggling in the air, there will be some balls that aren’t and that’s okay.  Being a multi-passionate means that one passion may be taking precedence right now but it’s necessary for the overall bigger goal.  Yes, the bigger goal! You should know, have written down, visualized and be very clear on what your big or overall goal is.  Not forever in life, but for right now.  What is the one big thing you want to accomplish this year?  Once you know that, then everything else falls under that umbrella to assist and guide you to getting that bigger goal accomplished.  You don’t want to look up at the end of the year and ask that question we all hate, “Where did the time go, and what did I get done?”  So, your big goal is the umbrella and everything else falls under that.  Think about the ways that all of your passions connect.  Even if they seem totally opposite I promise you, there is a bridge that connects and provides a platform to each of them.   As a content creator coach it’s one of the things that I love doing for creatives is figuring out how to align all of your passions so that they support one another.  So while you can’t do everything at the same time or even in the same month have comfort in knowing that once this goal is complete it is providing a link to your other passions.
  • TOSS N’GO.  This is one of those little jewels that has really helped me stay productive.  While you are working on one project it is natural that other ideas will pop into your head.  We all have that and then before we know it we are off and running on that other idea when we were in the midst of the current project.  This is where Toss N’Go comes in. When a new idea comes to you or something you don’t want to forget write it down on a sheet of paper quickly and then toss it to the side and keep moving.  Do not take time to flush out that side idea, or make a phone call about it or jump into planning how to make that work.  I get it, it’s a great idea but so is the idea you are currently working on.  Don’t abandon ship to start a fresh and new shiny idea; stay in the trenches with your current task at hand.  Chances are you may be feeling stuck about the current idea or frustrated so moving on seems easier but force yourself to sit in the thick of it and keep moving.  You will be so happy you did. 
  • CELEBRATE.  Simple enough right?  But so important. You have to celebrate the small wins along the way.  We do enough of beating ourselves up and running out of time to get things done so when we get things right (which you do way more than you think you do) you must celebrate.  Sure, crossing off items on the to do list feels good but something I’ve adopted that I love even more is the “I’m winning jar.”  I keep a jar on my dresser and every time I have a celebration I write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar.  From the small to the little.  Seeing this jar on a daily and how it fills up reminds me that I am on the right path and that I am making way for my greatness to be seen.  If I’m having a particularly rough day I will take a couple of those pieces of paper out and read them to remind myself that I got this and I’m doing a good job at this life thing.  Please don’t forget to celebrate.  We work hard on what we love so we can celebrate and bask in the wins. 

Get out there and pursue all of your passions and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  When those days get tough and you feel like there is not enough time and there is too much to do the biggest gift you can give yourself is to stop, breath and sit in gratitude that you have been given and blessed with an array of passions and you have the luxury to pursue them all.  Smile, breath again and then go Get It Done! 

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